Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Norm Grabowski

Bigger than life and Giant Icon in the world of wheels..Norm Grabowski has done it all... Hotrods,Movie *Star* and a great guy.
I commissioned Norm waaaay back in '94 to do a famed Grabowski Skull for my 34 Ford.
The 34 is long gone.... but I still have my treasured work of art.
Flat top Bob of Owen's Salvage is a big collector and has quite a few of Norm's priceless works.
Including a few knives and a Beerstein the should be in the Museum of Modern Art.
Jim Harrison also lent me a few pics to show off his new piece.

Lovely, Just lovely....

Woo Woo Normee, Woo Woo!!!!!

Bill Vukovich

The life and career of Bill Vukovich has always marveled me.His amazing skill as a driver,his triumphs and his tragic death at Indy.Imagine going around the Brickyard at 150 mph with little or no protection and nothing more than a leatherclad helmet.Open wheel no less!

Guts 'n Glory!

True Hero.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chicago! Chicago!

Well, there done like dinner...The Norwell(Thats what they called them) Tin made for those amazing Chicago Brushmasters!
If your planning to head to the World of Wheels show.... Swing by the Brushmasters and peruse ALL there amazing work.
You will not be disappointed!

Many thanks to Joel Peters,Bob B.,all the Brushmasters and that lovable mad man from Milwaukee, Del Swanson!

The Windy City Rules!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Bring something to drink,
were gonna get thirsty......

Pass Da Peppa!

Having a high sodium diet is ....


A great fella...Roothawg and a great race car
old...but fun!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't Worry Mama....

Mr. Horsepower is at the wheel!!!


Ha Ha.... I hope the client doesn't feel this is a portrait of him......
Rembrant would be pissed
But maybe Big Daddy is smiling.

Photographing originals is not my forte'!

Texan A-Bone

A little diddy I inked over the break......
,,,sorry for the TERRIBLE pic!!!.......(ugh)


And that,.... enuff of that!


More Scribbles.......


Some scratches....from the Ole Sketchbook Book.

Rod & Custom/Part 1

I love that Magazine.... and T. Bernsau is my hero!
I have been reading R&C since I was a young gaffer....BUY IT!


Nitro burning,ear drum busting super go fast extravaganza!
Art for the AHRF....

Fishing for the King Kuda's

mmmm.....old stuff

Deco Fun!

Go Speedy Go!
A new direction and more to come!


Dis Kitty gots Klaws!

Thou Shalt Drag!

Every Gearhead ...somewhere in there soul...has this feeling tucked in the corner.

Chomp! Chomp!

Aww man..... I act like I am 12 sometimes..
Ha Ha


A little diddy to pay tribute to a amazing pioneer.
Vroom Vroom baby!