Saturday, December 31, 2011

Magic Olds Gold!

My buddy Rob is building his 29 A coupe and stuffing in a 394 59 Olds... fitted with 6x2 party poopers and some speed goodies from Ross Racing engines(the olds Rocket King!)
Stand by for further updates on this Nasty A!
Rob, in his spare time is a blacksmith creating all kinds of cool art in his forge.

A very talented fella.

Acme Speed shop....New and revamped.

New duds for the Acme Speed Shop in sweet Southern California.John Mearns is a great pal and a rabid Gearhead.A very good pal and proud to call a friend.None of that uni-bomber beard or the too cool attitude.Just a great hotrod and Custom fella.We did a new 5 winder and revamped a sweet gold Vicky............


Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has nearly passed.... and Baby Finnster is Kicking Father Time in the Patootee!
Happy New Year all!

Hard Candy

Here is a project nearing completion.... a very nice cut model 40 stuffed with a early Hemispherical.
The project was brought to the Candy Factory sort of half done and wrong from another builder.We all know the story.Using what the customer had and finishing off the is nearly complete.
Many mistakes were made by the previous builder and all has been rectified at the Candy Shoppe.
I am quite sure the Customer shall have a perma Grin this coming summer,rowing thru the 4 speed gears and putting the big Chrysler thru the paces.
Updates on the final finish soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

From the King Old Elf his self.....
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get a Chain..aand some Aspirin!.ROLLING BONES GARAGE NITE!!!!!

Last year was a blast...this year shall repeat!.....A very LIMITED AMOUNT of Rolling Bones Garage Nite shirts will be Available..... only for this year.... an event not worth missing!!!!

Feb 4th/2011

Good Times!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Coupe....

 A simple little A-Bone for Christmas.....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Chinese Chopper gets the Wu-Tu Clan Seat Special!

......  In Metalflake!!!!!
It ain't no Harley..but it works at the Drags...My butt will ride in style!!
ha ha ha

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Droppel Styl'in

Nostalgia Sid..Drops them anytime,any kind.... Axles of course.... Ya want the best?... call the Best!
Sid Droppel..... 405 416 3080.....and get a new Nostalgia Sid/ Norwell Equipped T shirt!
Stickers too!!!!

Ya know ya want it........

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hostage headers!

I need to act quick!
My vintage Hedmans are being held Hostage!..... No.... not really.
Just a practical joke from the famed Keith"Rooman" Burgan.
Roo is cleaning up the vintage pipes for me and decided to play a joke.
I found these for the Widow maker,.a set of early 60's vintage Fe headers ,special for the FE/57 ford swap that was ever so popular in the early 60's.....

All is good.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yea Paul..... It makes me smile too.....

My Buddy Paul Dunbar is a special guy.... he has the golden touch on all his projects and seems to have fun at anything he does.
Hot Rodder and Drag Racer... he is another one who has made a mark on me in the drag world.
The Candy Man and I went to see Paul a few weeks back to see his latest project...(more on that later)
As we were standing talking and bench racing in his shop..I noticed the background most guys will have a pile of there favorite tunes drifting softly as they work in the shop or when guest arrive to have a cool,cold one.
But, this was different.
Paul recorded a few of those old Drag sound LP's from the early 60's and threw them together on a few CD's.... Magnificent!!!!!!!!!
For the last 3 weeks...when I am out to the shop, I flip the switch and listen for 2 hours to the great music of Fuelers,stockers, Gassers and Alterds as background Music.

Beethoven can't hold a candle to these kats.....

Scooby doo Whaaaaaaaa..........

One bad's the Super Fly!

It's no secret....I have been bitten...bitten very badly... and it started with a FLY Bite.....
No.not some pesky insect... but the Drag racing Bug....
I always liked drag racing... but it seemed so far away.....a Rich mann sport nowadays.
Just like FI,Nascar or Dirt track stuff.
But I met a fella years ago that changed all that. Chris LaGrange.
Yep... Chris owns and drives the "Drag N Fly"... an early Model A Sedan that is a real throwback to the Glory days of Quarter mile haul'in.Yea guys... REAL DRAG RACING.
No big dollar,500 K passes here.A real family deal.Chris's Dad is a team mate and has been a Drag Racer for a heck of a long time.
Powered by a period perfect Sbc injected chevy....this thing really does fly!I believe the great Dan Barnett lettered the car.
When I first met Chris...., we talked a lot about his drag car.I was hooked.
Chris is an avid hotrodder as well...all kinds of great stuff....
I have not seen Chris in a while but do speak occasionally thru email and he is doing well.A devoted family man and Hard working joe.. he hails out of Slackerville Oklahoma.(I think it's Palookaville's Twin city.... but I ain't positive.)
If you have seen this car in person... you know what i am talking about.I need to see the car make a pass at the Hamb Drags and I hope to see this soon. Chris and his wife Kim, are good folks.I met them thru my good friend Bob Owens.I was even made an honorary member of the Oklahoma Eliminators!

Check out da Fly!

The world needs more Chris LaGranges.

Widow Maker's black heart 2.6

Here is the real heart of the Wicked Mistress.....
69 Fe with all the trimmings.... got her down in New Mexico....
I nearly melted down there..... FLAT TOP BOB and the Owens salvage Rescue crew saved the day and made the pick up...or was it the Fabulous Ben D and the T and A transport Brass Pole Ryders?
I can't remember!
anyhow..... this nasty FE will be home in Palookaville very soon.....Either 2x4 or factory Tri-power.

The widow makers black heart.

Yea...I am fighting 3 32 5 window, my 30 A drag Roadster and my lustful future companian..the Widow maker.
It's my 57 300 Ford sedan which will have a vintage FE ford,4 speed,and a very stock factory sleeper attitude.
Why the Widow Maker?
To eat all them dumb 57 chevy Black Widows....
I picked up a greasy Fe(early T bird Fe) as parts engine.....
Greasy,grimey and green......


Behind the blue doors.....

The Candy Factory is working double shifts!
Ol Neilster started digging out all the ugly and working his sweet magic!
As you can see the old kyfe is being dug out and replaced with fresh bottoms,sides and fronts.
No easy task....
Although patches are made for the the front skins...the bottoms,sides and inner pieces have to fabricated from scratch.
His knowledge and attention to detail have no bounds.
he is GOOD.

More updates coming soon.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving along......

Them toeboards are all squared from the Candy Factory.....
moving into them doors and repairing the ugly on the bottoms.

The Continental Kid and Team 111

El Jeffe made his debut at the Revolution with his Tardel Built early digger... and the Mucho talented Darren Wenzel Lettered and striped up the beast to perfection.Flat Top Bob sent me the spy shots....
Them Texans are tricky fellers!


The Revolution was a Coup d'etat!

The Traditional hotrod and Custom show at Camp Mabry was a hit...Wish I could have gone...but we have some great coverage.....
Next year.... I would love to go and hang with my Southern pals!
Mike"Mike the Greek" Panos.....  from Kansas City took these wonderful shots..... beautiful .......... Just beautiful Mike!