Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ron Weber is my Wingman!!!!

So I get a very cool job for one of my heroes... Roy Brizio.I mean.... I am totally geeking out!
After a few initial ruffs, a design is picked and away we go...In my always have 10 different things going in 20 directions and I was beating the band hard to meet the deadline. Long story short. the Illustration worked but I fell waaay short on the type elements. The boss and head Honcho Kim Evans laid it on the line... The design sucked! At any moment I am about to perform Seppuku.
Tired and overdrawn(no pun intended) I was at a loss.
In Steps the Mighty,mighty Ron Weber..............
Ron is a very self effacing guy... humble to a point and has so much natural talent......I think he has a big Superman "S" under his Andy's Tee! His art is super human and his design skills are off the hook! Ron saddles up and in less than 24 hours rescues the day. Again.... Ron makes me look like a hero.
I cannot thank him enough. Kimmy is a happy camper and so am I .(Sidenote: Kim is very honest and forthright... All steak. no grizzle..and by that I mean she tells it like it is and I have so much respect for that)More about the wonderful Miss Kim in a future Blog.
So Rock'in Ron sends me a proof back for me to approve(and in my biz...this rarely EVER happens) and I am stunned at what his talent and ability has done.
He shoots!..He SCORES!!!!!..... basically Ron saved my Tookie...... big time.
Ron is a master at pre pro,film work and has the keenest eye for design.He can also really draw like a bandit.
Ron is my Wingman..... and I can sleep at nights.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Owens salvage!

need a part?......Call them now!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have this piece up for grabs... BUY IT NOW!! fund my Drag roadster!
$500 plus S& wide!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010 worth looking at.....

Since I work in the's very nice to see someone got one right!
Thanks to my pal Doug Hayes for the keen eye....


Where did I put my keys?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Diamond Deuce...1/24 Scale!!!!!!

So about 8-9 months ago I get a message from a certain fella... Paul Scott out of Kentucky. A certified Gearhead since birth... he has a great ability(unlike me) to build very cool models.
I was very astonished when I was shown his latest creation.... The Diamond deuce in 1/24 scale!!!
I was floored!!!
Scratch built and honed to perfection..I am simply amazed at how much killer work he has put forward!... the devil is in the details and Paul has left nothing to spare....
Headers,nerf bars,stance,color and

I,... on the other hand was the kid who got paw prints all over the windsheild.

Awesome,awesome work Paul....and Thank you!

Start them Early!

My good pal Paul Dunbar(he owns the World renowned James Boys) is getting ready for the birth of his Granddaughter..... Paul is an excitable creature and is not one for holding back.
He has a plan in mind and has all ready got the little tyke's race car ready!
Best wishes to the Dunbar's all way around and I am sure Grandpa is already measuring up a fire suit for the future minnie Speedster!

Way too go Paul!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Them Krazy Kropdusters are on it again!.....Grab yer bride and get your Ride!
Todd"Breeder" Reed will be up to his Shenanigans!... My Favorite Midwest fellers!....The Kropdusters!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Amazing John Jackson!!!!

o.k.... So check out my links and hit the link "Not Stock Photography".....
I have been following this superb shooter for some time..... yea.. he shot the Diamond....
John is VERY passionate about what he does.... and it shows... a master with light and really know his stuff (I can't even handle a disposable)
Not only is he the Ansel Adams of out times...... He is SUPER NICE GUY!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable talent.... a true great.

The Round Up and Back!

WOW!......what a trip... there and back!!!....4300 miles.12 states and a whole lotta fun!!!
I am totally exhausted.
Beautiful weather...... Many Many thanks to Steve W,Bob Owens,Candy Man, John Tullis,John Jackson,Reggie Hill, all the Kontinentals,Ryan Cochran, Tina and Terry from Odessa, The Gang from Bruce's Rod Shop and SO MANY MORE!!!!!!!
The Diamond ran fantastic, and the Texan hospitality was top notch!!!

More coverage to come...... after i get some rest.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Worked a new conjuction with Josh from Raybestos and Troy Ladd from Hollywood HotRods!.....Troy and Raybestos are building a Killer indy style RPU..... The art is gonna be made into tin signs!

Get your stoppers on and Get Raybestos Equipped!!

The Round up Gallery

...yep...gonna be there with some cronies... 5 new pieces....all for sale!.....