Monday, December 31, 2012

More 22jr.......the Early Years.....

While skimming the net over the holidays...ran across these pics on a blog of the early Tony Nancy's Jr22 Drag Roadster......Mmmmmm Love this car.
I could not find who took these lovely shots..... but they are wonderful!

Serious Business....

Having fun with Catalog design..... the Performance Improvement boys have new bling to show in the 13 Catalog thing!
Happy New Year All!

Little Boy Blue.....

Just a little off side image for a gal giving her loving husband a Christmas Gift.....
Al's 34 was built at the Candy Factory and has quite a few go fast goodies on board... the 56 T-Bird hood scoop and the 354 Hemi work very nicely..............

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I dunno Jack.....

I never met Jack..... But Jack Carrol's Chopped, Channeled,Stripped down,Hopped up 32 5 winder makes my blood boil with Green Envy.....This is a visually stunning piece of machinery.
I was suppose to do some art on this sweet deep coffee brown baby..but we ran out of space and time for the Jalopy Journal book.
I still plan one day to get going on the art.... but for the time being..... I can just stare and be envious....
One day I hope to meet Jack........ He has good taste.

Rub a Dub Dub Dub,,, Jump in the Voo Doo Tub!

One of my all time Favorites... the Voodoo Doll!.... Nail head Powered and enuff Bling to make a Blind man see!....This car just Wreaks of early 60's Cool!
From the 32 rails to the Chromed center sectioned banjo rear.....all slathered in Rootbeer Brown.This little rig has enuff to spare and more,
I like the fact this car has room to pick up all the hot dates and more in the rear!
Built  a few years back and hit the lime light...this Kandied Dream resides in the deep south.
Just dig the visual Eye Candy!

Can you See 10?

If you are a Chevy C-10 Lover.. then head out and Hit up Glen Sauer and get going.
Glen specializes in Chevy C-10's and runs his Shop out of Bennington Vermont.Want to thank Glen for all his Patience........  A great builder and super nice fella........

Here comes The Mob...... The Famoso Mob.....

2 California Racers are Reaching out and heading to New Zealand.....For the Yankee Invasion Tour.....
Randy and Stormy are setting Sail to do a Lower Hemisphere Drag Safari in the great country of New Zealand.
Bring extra Nitro Fellas and good Luck!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The 51 year Slumber

My buddy Chuck just got his KILLER 33 Ford 5 window's been in hibernation for 51 years...... this is the first time it fired....... ran like a sewing machine.
Some ardent young man hotrodded this jewel with a 46 Ford flattie,39 trans, ands other 40 ford goodies.
This car is a time capsule and I am VERY stoked for Chuck!!!!!

Big plans for this sleeping beauty......

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Candy is DANDY!

My very good pal Neil Candy just got terrific news.... he made the front cover of SRM!
A great wonderful article and AWESOME shots by super shooter, Chuck Vranas!
4 pages in the next upcoming issue of the mag.

Neil is a very modest fella...... and his work is impeccable..... I am extremely biased,... but he has helped me out more than anyone can imagine.
Great insight and a direct vision...... The Candyman has a 1-2 Knock out punch when it comes to building Hotrods and race cars.......

Well Done Neil!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting Close......

......Is a relative term.. but progress is moving forward.....
Onward onward!