Thursday, August 25, 2011

Support the Cause....SHELBY'S Speed and Kustom

My good pal Mark Cain from Lexington KY has a runs a very special organization for Suicide Prevention. Mark lost his son Shelby and now has an awareness program to help others. Mark carries his message to car functions and shows.It is a non-profit group dedicated to this cause. Shelby was a VERY talented car guy and hot rod fella. If you see Mark at a show..Please support this cause. New shirts for the program and we will have more coming soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lucky Bastards have NEW threads!!!!! NORWELL EQUIPPED!

Get them at the show...October 6th!!!..... Be a Kool Kat!!!
and get bonafide Norwell Equipped wearables!!!!!!
That's hip Daddio!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thieves Welcome...

Welcome to the Roach Motel... they come in..but never leave...TEXAS STYLE!
Ha ha ha

Sorry for this non automotive moment...please remain calm and carry on.....

Separated at birth?

Oh my gawd!!!!! there is 2 mental Midgets????...
2 great minds met on the salt!.....The Cam Father.Ed Iskyderian and my very good pal Bob Owens of Owen's Salvage fame.....

together they measure up.... about 5'8 tall.

Grab the Bride...& ..THROW HER INSIDE!!!! Get to the Messaround!!!!!

The Minneapolis Messaround.the little car show that ate the Minne of her A polis!
A great bunch of guys and gals that rip the joint!.... Get on it!!!!!!!!!!!

yea...Tell them Norwell Equipped sent ya!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My pal Neil has made the push. When this fellow puts his mind to something.... nothing can veer him from his path.He has the tenacity of a pitbull.
Less than 6 months ago, he began his Bonneville Belly Tanker build.With a crystal clear vision, he set his vision into motion.Working tirelessly night and day he is in the homestretch.
The Jimmy 6 Screamer will be ready to roar and taste the salt with the next 14 days.
With great disappointment,I just can't make the trip.
I am sad.
But, EXTREMELY happy for the Candy's HotRod Supply Crew to make this lifetime venture.
He will be traveling with others (the Rolling Bones crew),pitting with them and the Bean Bandits.
Looking for the 5 dollar red cap.... i am sure he will find it.
My hat is off to this fine gentleman and his amazing skills and iron will.
Also...... a big "Hats off" to Mike Wilson,.. who has helped Neil with thru the entire Project.A very dear friend to Neil.
The Candy Man is set on KILL!!!!!!
Here are a few pics of the completed tank...with hours to spare!
NOTE:(The bottom of the tank was not on yet,but is now assembled,these are spy shots)