Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mad men at P.I.

I have had the pleasure of working with McJannett boys now for a coupla years....Helping out with there catalog covers and posters....Bob,Rob, Andy....  and all the choice folks who work there.
If your in the need for all things speed... check them out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here Kitty,Kitty,Kitty.......

.....Man...I bet you got one helluva litter box....

Hassan Chops!

What a handsome devil!...... speak up Rene.

Hey Buddy,,,,,,

Can ya spare a torque wrench?

Speaking of Painting.....

Digging out the golden Oldies.....
Where is Alan Freed when ya really need him......

Pure Fun.....

I have been secretly doing some more traditional painting......
hang tuff.....its a coming.....

I Spy with my Little Eye.....

......Candy........getting closer ....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tony Nancy.... All American Guy.....

I never met or knew Tony Nancy..... but I sure would have like to. As a kid I sure built enough of his models.
Drag racer,innovator and craftsmen supreme.I truly believe not enuff has been written on this fella.
One of my heroes...... I read somewhere he gained his nick name"The Loner" due to the fact he could do it doubt.
In a time when alot of race cars were built purely for speed, Mr Nancy added the beauty as well.
This guy had it all... looks, talent and desire.A cornerstone of what we lack in some respects today.
All of Tony's fine stitching could be identified by his trademark Sea Horse.

What a guy........

Monday, May 19, 2008

I sent the Bitch Packing......

It was love at first sight.
The right stance,deep black and all the right parts.
6 years back I traded a perfectly fine 34 3 window for a nice tight 30 a coupe.
Mind you.. she had ALL the right lingo,specially the baby hemispherical.
I was overcome with her lust.I would caress and talk to her every night.
But it was a one sided love affair.
At every turn she would laugh and ridicule me. For the good part of 5 years I lavished her with praise and luscious gifts.I thought I could buy her love.
I was wrong,...... dead wrong.
In the beginning I overlooked here small shortcomings.......
Never have I EVER had one give me so much grief.
Fuel problems...carb problems,I began to replace each and every ornery part with fresh speed parts...... still she mocked at me at every turn. Frustration at every turn of the wheel.
At this point I think I named her the Black Mariah.
The tranny was replaced.. rear suspension.... poor wiring...rad and coolant leaks.
It never ended. She started to act like Christine's younger and immature sister.
The more I tried, the less love I got.
It was like a high school girl friend that did the whole football team, but would let me get to first base.
Finally I had enuff..... my scorned  love turned to hate.
The final straw was when she threw her crank,spit out her bearing and blew the block ......she let me no alternative.

Make fun of me huh?......
I parted the bitch out and sent her down the road.
Sold the body and frame to a guy... wishing him good luck.
I then sold off the remaining drive line parts to others,... at flea markets and swap meets,secretly laffing like a fiend in some dark corner.
I deconstructed her and bid her farewell......

I got the last laff..... I now date her older,prettier sister.....
...a 32 5 window.

Who is the Big Kahuna?

I have now idea.. but its been going on now 11 years........
One day I would like to meet those crazy Okies,sure sounds fun....small and intimate.
They have asked me again to come up with a scribble to promote there party.
Gee,.... does everyone get a free Mai Tia and a grass skirt?
Never been to Mustang(Although I have passed thru coming back from the Lone Star State)

These guys know how to have fun.

Book'em Danno......

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Candys Hot Rod Supply.....The Candy Man

Remember your folks saying"Don't accept Candy from Strangers".....

Well....I always listened to them until I met this gentleman... Neil Candy.
I consider Neil to be one of the finest upstanding Hot Rodders around,(And a helluva a great friend!)... so much so.... he in my mind, is my savior on the Diamond Deuce.(More on that later.)

First off,....  he runs a great little Speed shop just outside Kingston Ontario.... and fills the gap for anybody who has the need for Speed.
Candys Hot Rod Supply.
Neil also practices what he preaches.....he has built quite a few Traditional cars and now runs the Drag car"Mother's Worry" The car is named not for some coined Rothian phrase.... but rather for a tribute to his mom. The other influence on his A drag car was the Orange Crate. If ya don't know that piece of fine history.....pack up,go home and beat it.
This car is a true throwback to the real days of quarter mile brawl'in, Gear grinding,high whinding,rubber burning monsters.
A tuff, no bullshit,hold on and shut up drag car.
He also has a Blown 409 32 5 winda.An interesting note here, there were no 409 blower plates available on the market when Mr. Candy set out to build his W monster motor.So, like any respectable innovative young man.... he designed and got one made,no small feat .....and not too shabby either!
I guess Neil and I hit it off real fast due to we speak the same lingo....pure gearhead in the traditional sense.

We recently travelled to the Lone Star Round up and had a blast.I converted him to it..... he is hauling the 5 winda next year.I may even get him to wear a Stetson.

... And yea.... he drives them.....HARD.

Hard Candy..I like that.

Candys Hot Rod Supply   613 353 7572

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ray Smith

My Pal Ray"El Vago" Smith is a pinstriper from waaay back.
I met Ray a few years back and when I saw this old pic from the Detroit Autorama a few years back,I had to share.
A giant of sheer talent.I can't strip worth doo doo,I still don't know why they ask me to come.... but hanging around with fellas, like Ray and the other guys and girls....Well provides much needed stimuli for further artistic adventures.
And he is another mentor for me. Ray WAS there and his stories are colorful and vivid.Ray ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and I miss seeing him.
I hope this year for the upcoming 2009 Autorama he will be there.
I think what Ray was saying to me in this photo was...."Make it a female Monster,..... with BIG Knockers!!!"...... heh,heh,

Oh Ray, you crack me up.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Von Franco

A few years back...I contacted Von Franco..... a hero of mine, I was a little hesitant at first.... but he welcomed me with open arms......
I have grown to be good pals with Franco and we share the artists lament and joy weekly.I have so much respect and admiration for this guy.... he was there.... in the scene and paid his dues.
So much so, he is an open history book on Kustom Kulture in General. Some artists have a fear of sharing,not Von Franco..... he is always lending a helping hand.
I am truly amazed at his skills and the ease of which he handles his media.
I recently visit him and his darling wife Katie in Texas.

I am proud to call him a true Friend.

Check out his work..... a true living legend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Larry Fulton....Carburetor Guru

I like things well done..... and this kat does just that.Larry Fulton,owner/operator of
..........My relationship with Larry goes back a few years and his quality and workmanship speaks for itself.So when I began to talk to Larry about my next baby hemi project and my needs for a certain induction system.He was the man.
Larry rose to the occasion and my needs were taken care of......10 fold!
I had a old Edmunds 2x2 intake... which in itself was in need of repair.I know purists will argue that I needed Stromberg 97's to fill the gap,but I disagree.... Rochesters are a much better functioning unit.I wanna drive this baby.
So with that in mind,Larry took care of Business..... and the end results are nothing short of brilliant.
If your in need of a tri-power or ANY multiple induction set up... give Larry a ring...
...he will set ya right.
Check him out at......

Monday, May 5, 2008

Rags to Live by.......

Coming soon...Our first line of shirts with some classic Hot Rod  scribbles..... good enuff for weddings,Funerals and oil changes..... we will keep ya posted!

It took me long enough......

Well... here is my soapbox to spout off to the world... more things to come
Things I like and things to rant about.......

I doubt if anybody will ever care.....
ha ha ha