Monday, June 10, 2013

Dirty Bird.......

Man... 3 hours later and there is still Texas Red soil everywhere.
ha ha ha

Friday, June 7, 2013

For SALE ~~Killer 1958 Ranchero for sale!~~Keith Weesner~~For SALE!

Wanna a good Tip?...wanna Buy a killer ride?...look no further.
My good pal Keith Weesner has his 1958 ford Ranchero up for Grabs..... yep..Famed Chopper car Club member and Hot Rod artist extraordinaire...... needs to thin the Herd.
This is a great deal,..... all the hard stuff is done.Keith has used this as his Daily driver since 06 and its a Killer car....
here are the details,.... I will let Keith explain in his own words......

"Um... so the time has come to sell my Ranchero, 

302/C-6  9" of course, 3.00 (or so) gears,  dual 18" glass packs, which are pretty quiet-

Power steering, power disc brakes on 70's Ford spindles (LTD I think)

'64 T-Bird buckets with Comet console, white T&R with black piping, (wraps around inside back of cab) '50 Ford armrests, Also has white tonneau, but kinda dog-eared.

Custom S-22ish Steering wheel I made-

Has wipers,  heater, defroster, vents-   just clock and radio not wired up. (Got them at the junkyard, cause they look good and were missing before, but didn't bother to wire them)

6.70/6.40 Firestone bias plies on 15"x5"  '50 ford wheels. / accessory Plymouth cone style covers (old) Or baby moons n rings.

Flared front wheel wells done in early 70's-  shaved emblems and side trim, grille center bars removed, otherwise stock-

Old crackly black lacquer that shines up pretty good, Driver's fender and tailgate were painted by Nick-O-Teen and were show quality, now have some small cracks. Lower left rear corner was fabbed new as a repair by Lucky Burton and looked pretty good in bare metal. Also there's a repair on the middle of the rear side from the same hit, both of these in primer. There's rust coming through the rockers, front pass door, tiny bit on driver's door- tiny bit on front roof corner. Floors are solid, front fenders are solid, rear wheel wells are solid.

Overall great driving car, my daily since '06----


So there ya have it folks...12 k and drive a legends car...a perfect mild custom with charm,artistic history and a Choppers Background.I truly wanted to buy this car....badly... but at this time it's just not in the cards.
Email Keith at the link above..... and test pilots....serious inquires only.

I'll Huff and I'll Pull.. and I will blow your car away!....... ha ha ha

ha ha

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Getting very close to the paint shop......but the devil is in the details......
yup.... this has been a long road.