Monday, April 30, 2012

Tony Nancy and the Jr. 22 ---5.2

Shots taken from by buddy Dave a few years back at the Peterson Hot Rod Museum .....
This car is pure.........FORM and FUNCTION.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Scarry Larry Wants You......

....... to buy his new shirt for the Jalopy Showdown!
Get Norwell Equipped!!!!!! the 2012 Showdown


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haul Ass to Latimore with Scarry Larry!

time to get Down and Dirty!

May 19th ....2012... the Jalopy Showdown.. Scarry Larry's premier event...... tons O Fun and entertainment!


Atlas Speed and Custom OPEN HAUS!

Yep...Jamie and Mike are having there first open house to kick off the opening of their shop.
Come on down...bring your ride and grab the bride..... come see what wonderful things these fine young men are doing.....
Hell ya...Texas Style!!!
I wanna thank the fellas too on the super Killer Kanadian Krash Helmet they gave me for helping them on the shop art....
I was and still am so stoked...... never have I seen a gold one...never!!!.....  and gold flake as well!!

So get yourself and your crew down to Atlas Speed and Custom, for the GRAND OPENING....May 19th,2012,downtown Denison TX, 120 West Chestnut.
There is a reliability run,car show and live music....Man... it's gonna be GREAT!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

3-2-1-....Blast off!

Yep......been working on this super top secret Project for 8 months.....just wrapping up the finals and putting a pretty bow on it.
i have been working with John Mearns(Acme speed shop) Ryan C.(Atomic Industry and Internet guru and big Daddy) have put a very nice print version together of the Jalopy Journal.
If you do not know of the Jalopy Journal.....Please slide under the nearest rock.....
This has been a labour of love....... it shall debut June 23rd of this year 2012.
I must will be most delighted and is limited in its production.

it's gonna kick ass.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Lone Star Round Up...... KICKED ASS!!!!!

..... and how!
This year was again a stunning killer time.
First off... let me thank the Kontinentals.The Austin Based car Club Responsible for the Round Up.
This show is clearly head and shoulders above any other show.
the right cars,venue, people and deep Southern Hospitality.Many thanks to my pals..Flat Top Bob Owens,Candy Man,Elvis,Linda Owens,Jan,Gary,John and Rose Marie.
Ben D,John Mearns,Banker Bill,Cliffy and Ryan.Reggie,Norm,Brian and Will........
So many friends....... I am just scratching the surface.

The cars,were outstanding..... the music was incredible(Wanda Jackson!!!!) and the folks made the scene!

Simply the best damn show out there.

All photos are property of myself and the talented Cory Taulbert