Saturday, March 31, 2012

A rare sighting has occurred.....

We can't confirm......but a sighting of the Rare and elusive Owen's 32 5 window and the 51 Merc was was spotted somewhere along HWY 83 East of Childress..... Last reports indicate a small white male with a goat like beard following closely behind on a vintage Cushman..... in pursuit.

....details to follow.

Ding!Ding!.. Knocking at D.A.D.s Door...

The doors are skinned alive.....More surprises were found.....But taken car of in short order.
The Kandy Man is a master!!!!!!

Words from Neil his self!----
"The door bottoms have to be split in the center, as I have the center of the door too far away from the sub-rail/rocker panel, as the roadster sub-rails are a little straighter than the 5 window.  I am going to work on the door bottoms and pull the sub-rail out to the door bottom a little more as I think they look too straight and pull the center of the door in towards the rocker.
I have the hinge pins removed, one of which I had to use alot of heat to remove the pin, however; this was one of the jobs I was dreading, but it turned out good !  It was a real bitch actually...."

Want or need some hotrod work done or Speed goodies?????..Call Candy's Hot Rod Supply!

More to come......

Hot Austin Nights.... With a Lawyer.

The locals seem to have fun... and even on a casual night.....the crew gets out to their finest eatery for a little swine and mead.
But you must have protection.... a lawyer at the very least,is key.
My pal Blake is one of the finest southern fried Lawyers....always with his Handy Dandy Camera to catch the scene.
And a few weeks back... he caught some late night action and presented the evidence.
Blake is not a Lawyer.... just a hard core Gearhead and a great fella.
He can handle a Camera better than Della Reese can shorthand. Keep a keen eye out for this fine shooter.... I predict great things to come.
Last I heard.. he kicked Perry Mason's ass and cleared the courtroom.

Here comes da Judge.......

I like the cut of your Jib....

Tony Teirney's 32 5'er still in my opinion.. has one of the best cuts and stance around.....
Been following Rolfs 32 as well....I like the look of this car......
of course....the Busby coupe.... pure sex on wheels...One day I must have a up close and personal look at this beauty....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Meatheads Swine-off

This year in Austin..those loveable Meat eating Gearheads known as the Meatheads..are having a Pre Round-Up BBQ and cook-out!
Nothing like Smoked Meat and hotrods to kick off the 2012 Lonestar Round up!!!
gonna be Rad!!!!!!!!!!

Bring a fork!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mathus James.. aka MATTBLACK

Friend, Neighbour...paint Genius.......
He knows the snizzle..... A bug n bike lover.......
His 59 Beetle will be rad one day... but like any artist..he can never get to it.. the same ole story