Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yes Virginia....Santa is a Speed Freak.......

Ha ha ha ha

Hoist the Colors!..The Jolly Roger is set to sail!

Well.... it's been sailing for many years now..... my Good buddy art Misuraca Hails from the Sunny shores of Lake Erie..... Wreaking havoc among the local drag tracks.... Engine by Ross Racing,this 6 deuce Firebreathing 371 takes no prisoners!
Capt. Art has been terrorizing the competition for years.... and is always tinkering to squeeze more for the main sails of his glory ship.
The name Jolly Roger was Art's Uncle who served in a bomber group during WWII in the South Pacific.... Art's Uncle flew in a Liberator that was called the Jolly Roger.

Stroking the Pen with TRJ and the Christmas Catalog Goodie Book!

Get Ready and pick up the new Rodder's Journal 2013 Christmas Catalog for all your special Hot Rod and Custom parts offered by the fine folks at TRJ.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Larry 'OGorman..... The Engraver Guy

I have a great super talented friend... Larry 'OGorman... who is one of the finest engraving artist around.... Larry was called upon to put his immense talents to use on some small but very important details on my 32 build.... he is amazing..... here is a small sample of the work he has done.
In this post,Larry took the Ford Bullnose logo....erased the the Ford and replaced it with the Norwell equipped masthead.... incredible.

A true craftsman.

More on Larry very very soon

Fly me to the Moon

New Plaques and Toppers for the Club...... MANY thanks to Obrien Truckers for yet another killer job!
Thanks to Sue and Dennis!