Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Diamond History.

I must admit...I am Totally fascinated by the past History of Hot rods and Customs.... well..let me back that up... the history of ownership and the changes that were made to vehicles thru out the years.
The whole topic is so interesting.
My present build(32 five window)..really has no history......well none I can find....just one beat up 32 Ford.
But my truck is a different story....  about 4-5 different owners thru-out its Hot Rod years.....Many changes.and many looks......
One of the pics below is the day I bought it at Waterdown swap meet....I think it was 89 or 90.The man who is seated is Don Drywood form the lake Erie area....Port Rowan I think.Don was a very nice man... but now is suffering form the late stages of Alzhiemers.
Very sad.

Here is where is all began and some pics of where it was.
If ANYONE out there has pics or HISTORY... Please call me.
I actually found the man who originally chopped the roof and I talked to him at length.I asked how the slight curve on the roof was done and if he could remember.....

His gruff response.........

"Over a F***ing log!"

ha ha ..classic.

History in pages....

I was thumbing thru some of my old mags..when I found another little bit of history on the "Diamond Deuce". Car Craft August 1962 had a small pic from there monthly features of car shows around North America.
Pretty interesting.... but the facts were incorrect. It did not have a 39 trans.. had a LaSalle tranny... and not sure about the 40 rear.I have heard others who remembered different.
None the less.. kind of neat.
I love my Old Mags........

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kadillac Kitty.....

Cadillac.... early Cadillac powerplants..... the King of Cool
One blown Caddy mill and lovely Rockers to match.....Pure eye Candy.
that's all....move along..nothing to see here.

Attention K-Mart Shoppers......

ha ha ha smart Gearhead.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Summer was fun....but before i put her to bed...I must fix the harmonic split in 2 like a fat kid on a worries...we will be breathing fire very soon.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another "Nose Up..Ass Down Project continues....

My good Pal Tripple G has just made more progress on his 57 300 Gasser.....
The car was ruff to begin with,.. but all was handled extremely well in the competent hands of Mr Rob Purcell.
Rob is a fab man with so much talent coming out the whaaazoo! Rob did much metal work and surgery   to the Old girl....Complete inner structure repair,new trunk are and floors.He also did a face lift and did some killer radiused rear wheel wells with beautiful lips to crown them.Check the front end out....he discarded the front pan ,shortened and sectioned the front bumper....a much much cleaner look.
Anyhow...a BB Ford was thrown into the mix, along with other goodies as well.
Tripple G took the car to the paint shop and after a while waiting... the car has just been sprayed in Gold.
the whole color theme will be a combo Gold/black mix.

This old warrior will be Running soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good with the Bad....

When Hotrods break.ya gotta fix 'em..... lost the balancer on the Diamond.... thank god it let go in my driveway instead of the open road.... no worries...a new unit is on order....
ha ha ha

Friday, September 14, 2012

More "GO" for the "SHOW"

As in the Jalopy Showdown Drags...... when you hit Beaver Springs this year...grab some swag from Larry and smell the Nitro!!!
Big,Large or Small..Larry and the Gang will have them All.

This just might happen.........

A little reliability run around the Nether regions of Palookaville......will keep all posted!

And speaking of Gears....GEARDRIVE!

My pal Matt Legare has owned and operated his header and intake biz for some time.
Matt's work is outstanding and there is NOTHING he cannot make.....
If you need custom headers or need a trick Matt
Look in the links page to get hooked up!(

Gather 'O GearHeads!

A little logo whipped up for some voracious Gearheads.... should be a fun Party!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mmmmm styl'in.....

Ain't this sweet??????
good lord.....

Pull the Pin!.. and.... RUN!... The Green Grenade.

Yea...another ALL TIME favorite of mine....known everywhere on this big Blue Ball... the Green Grenade.
Created by the Mad Doktor..Kris Elmer... this multi carbed, hemi powered bad boy is another quintessential bad ass Hot Rod.
This car has trekked around the western hemisphere for a while now and the new owner treats it with the love it deserves.
the recipe is so simple..yet so many can not achieve.....
1 A coupe...whack until right......
Deuce rails and the proper stance,peppered with good ole Hank parts.....
1 fire-breathing fire powered Chrysler.....

This car just gives you chills...and if don't....check your pulse.... you may be DOA.
Photo credits to Kris Elmer,Mark Skipper and the Hamb.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Austin Mangler.....

If there is one Hot Rod that stands out in my mind..It's David and Laura Webbers Blown A coupe.
I mean. the first time I had an encounter with this gem... it seared my mind.
Right stance,right attitude and ball busting power with more to spare.
D.W is an all out hot rodder... none of that poodleskirt,doowop,curbfeeler bullshit.... he set out to make this car do evil things.
And it does .... in Spades.

Ahhh....... Lovely.

Photocredits to Church,David and all the rest........