Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So.... Ya wanna go Racing Huh?.......

Yes,.... yes I do.
I have wanted to go DRAG RACING for a very long time. Modern racing does nothing for me....and they leave me with the feeling of being as flat as piss on a plate.... boring, giant corporate cars where the little guy can do nothing but watch.
I want to build something that looks and feels like 1961.I have spoken to a few folks about this and boy, there sure are a lot of negative Nancys!
Fuck'em.... I never follow and never will.... they can be the spectators.
My plans call for an Altered Roadster... 392 power with all the trimmings.I have about 50-60% in parts already collected.... some major purchases are under way.
If you see the need to see some real drag racing.... check out the Hamb Drags,Dragfest,JalopyShowdown or Day of the Drags down in texas.... guys with heart.
I like the great guys of the ONDR......they have some dynamite events..all fun and no hissyfit bullshit.

I have never been the same ever since my first visit to Bowling Green .

....I smell Nitro in the air..... ha ha ha

more coming soon.......

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Sondre said...

Awesome, l dig the blueprint style drawing!!