Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surf's Up!!!! HOT ROD Surf Boards!!

Coming Soon!!... Grab your Zog's Sex Wax and butter up!
In production now...a 1/9th scale of a 60's Hot Rod Surf board!... Shown here are the first 2 designs in a 4 series set coming your way! These babies are made of herd foam and can be displayed on a beautiful clear acrylic stand. Images are on the deck and belly in full living color.
These bad boys measure up to 18 inches in height and are deadly!
A must for the collector and a Surf enthusiast! The first 2 designs are in the shop getting the full treatment... Stay tooned for the next designs in a few days...
Wanna pre- order?

Call this number and order your collectable Norwell Equipped Surf board NOW!!!.........
847 433 8111

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