Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ron Weber is my Wingman!!!!

So I get a very cool job for one of my heroes... Roy Brizio.I mean.... I am totally geeking out!
After a few initial ruffs, a design is picked and away we go...In my always have 10 different things going in 20 directions and I was beating the band hard to meet the deadline. Long story short. the Illustration worked but I fell waaay short on the type elements. The boss and head Honcho Kim Evans laid it on the line... The design sucked! At any moment I am about to perform Seppuku.
Tired and overdrawn(no pun intended) I was at a loss.
In Steps the Mighty,mighty Ron Weber..............
Ron is a very self effacing guy... humble to a point and has so much natural talent......I think he has a big Superman "S" under his Andy's Tee! His art is super human and his design skills are off the hook! Ron saddles up and in less than 24 hours rescues the day. Again.... Ron makes me look like a hero.
I cannot thank him enough. Kimmy is a happy camper and so am I .(Sidenote: Kim is very honest and forthright... All steak. no grizzle..and by that I mean she tells it like it is and I have so much respect for that)More about the wonderful Miss Kim in a future Blog.
So Rock'in Ron sends me a proof back for me to approve(and in my biz...this rarely EVER happens) and I am stunned at what his talent and ability has done.
He shoots!..He SCORES!!!!!..... basically Ron saved my Tookie...... big time.
Ron is a master at pre pro,film work and has the keenest eye for design.He can also really draw like a bandit.
Ron is my Wingman..... and I can sleep at nights.

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Rich said...

Ron is your Wing Man, and Ron is my Son. Any time I need a lift I read your post and it makes me smile. Thanks, RichWebVegas