Tuesday, August 17, 2010

D.A.D. 32 coupe PART 2/More frame,less feathers.

Well....Candyman and I TALKED ENDLESSLY about using an original 35-40 Ford X-member.... but.... after looking around.... we would have to restore an original,then modify one.
Too expensive.
So Neil.... made one! Candyman had a special dye made up to punch thru the thickest wall.... and give a nice roll on the material as well.
He is now selling these X-members to the public.(CANDYS HOTROD SUPPLY-613-353-7572)
He also stepped up the rear crossmember a bit... so the rear wheel placement will fit perfect in the chassis when the body is fitted. The front crossmember(a model A)is pushed forward 1.75 inches.... and raised high enuff to give the final project a killer front stance.
The rails are boxed and the boxing plates are stepped just a tad.
All this is being done on Neil's chassis /frame table to ensure accurate measurements.

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