Monday, February 28, 2011

GRRrrr!!!!! The NEW Raybestos Build.... a '64 GTO!!!!!

Yea.....One of America's original Musclecars!
Built by the killer fellas at Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Chicagoland, this pavement Pounder will EAT anything on the road.... Grunting a 760h.p. Mill... full race chassis and silk like sheetmetal, this Goat has Mucho attitude!
Billy Goat GRUFF!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to the magnificent Josh Russell of Raybestos!

....Hell ya.....


MC Dreamer said...

Beautiful work....a great composition. There is allot of work in this one. Well done...very special.

Jeff Norwell said...

Thank you ever so much!
This one was a long battle.... so much to draw, then render.
I really app. your kind words.
thank you!

Ron said...

Oooooooh Purdy.
I always want to hang out in your "garages".
You are The Man, Mr. Norwell Sir.