Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's the New FORD..for "56!

My Pal Larry Grillet is a 56 Ford EXPERT.. he has a KILLER SHOP and wanted some vintage style signage....... so i obliged.
Swing down to Grillet Motors in Downtown Childress Texas..and test Drive the "56 Ford Vic!.........

ha ha ha


Dan Palatnik said...

The 56 Ford is even more handsome than the 55 with the rehashed sidetrim. It's hard to believe they were just a heavy restyle of the 49 Shoebox body. Frank Hershey was the chief designer, and the 55-56 Fords paired well to the brand-new Trichevys.
Be sure to make yours look dazzling! (=

Jeff Norwell said...

I completely agree! the 56 had a 2 inch lower roof line that gave that "custom" low down feeling. Just a wonderful design and of course the full on 312 T-bird option was a must!
Now saying that, I am a 57 ford diehard fan.... and i have a little gem I am working on now.
I used to own a 55 Ford..and loved it..but the 56 made so many advance thru out that year..a 56 was King(still is!)
Thanks for the comment dan!


Dave said...

Nice work! Would love to see you work your magic on an Exner era Plymouth.

Austin Car Accident Lawyer said...

I truly agree and I would love to drive this car. Really nice work.

slick said...

Love your art work! I have seen this on the 'net and thought it was an actual 50's dealership. I have a 56 Victoria in the same colour scheme here in South Australia.