Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exhausting Beauty.

When to great minds put there collective heads together....Magic happens.
Candy Man has been thrashing on a 34 for a customer,the hotrod is a work of art,...but during the procedure....the exhaust was a stickler for the customer.... not quite sure of the route to proceed, it became one of the last things to do to finish the build.
No fault or's just part of the long road on a build.
Enter Gear Drive Headers.
Candy Man and Salt Flat Matt put there hands and minds to work.The results are Stunning!
The deadly tig welds and finish is outstanding.Need Headers?.... call Gear Drive.
I can report a perfect fit and finish... pretty darn hard to do when both parties are a 1000 miles apart.
Matt's skills are top notch.
check the pics.

Photo credits~~~~~ Candy Man


Trent / Hemifried said...

Hmmm.... I bet he could build me some megaphones in H&M style for the 49!!

Jeff Norwell said...

Yes Trent my man....he sure can!!!!!!!!!.......