Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I miss......

And my 34 3 window is one of them.
Just a straight SBC /9 inch hotrod.... A learning platform.
but it ran like a Clock.
I might of had a total of 28 k invested...but never a lick of trouble.
Had a mor-drop axle,34 Pontiac Bench,38 Banjo wheel and some other neet stuff.
I did a coral and cream tuck n roll interior which was lovingly referred to as the "Rooster Dink Pink" love room.
I wish i would have chromed up the front and rear nerfs... but down the road it went.
I just spoke to the present owner in Ohio.... nothing has changed and it is all still the same.
A bunch of road wear, but.. that my friends is a Badge of Honor.

That lil Coupe NEVER let me down.

I miss that car..........

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Anonymous said...

I was about the second person to own this beautiful 34' Hi-boy, after Jeff sold it. I do wish that I had never sold it. Jeff, I finally tracked down the stolen '34 Hi-boy painting and have it proudly displayed at home.