Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rub a Dub Dub Dub,,, Jump in the Voo Doo Tub!

One of my all time Favorites... the Voodoo Doll!.... Nail head Powered and enuff Bling to make a Blind man see!....This car just Wreaks of early 60's Cool!
From the 32 rails to the Chromed center sectioned banjo rear.....all slathered in Rootbeer Brown.This little rig has enuff to spare and more,
I like the fact this car has room to pick up all the hot dates and more in the rear!
Built  a few years back and hit the lime light...this Kandied Dream resides in the deep south.
Just dig the visual Eye Candy!

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Bill Hanstrom said...

I believe this may be the best looking hot rod I have ever seen. At 70 I have been to a lot of shows and a lot of races and this does it for me. I am really jealous. Congratulations.