Friday, February 1, 2013

My 2013 GNRS Experience.... East Coast Custom Style!

I was very fortunate to be involved in this years 2013 GNRS in Pomona California.
My very good pal Chuck Vranas asked if I would be interested in getting involved with the world renowned Dave Simard and his talented crew at East Coast Custom.
....Uhh..... yea!
I had a meeting with the team last summer and was brought up to speed on the project.
From this point on, My main lead was with Dave's talented partner in life, Lisa Simard. Chuck made the intros and we were off and running.The car is a 1932 Original roadster with many one off trick parts.
Dave's work is Stellar..... I was very excited to be a part of this.
Our Client was James Farley,V.P. of Ford and President of the Lincoln town car Company.
I was asked to design the Flyer Logo(the name of the car),the build book and other material for the team.
We quickly enlisted the help of John Mearns(ACME SPEED SHOP and SIGN SOURCE) and his talented crew to build the display I had designed.We also had help from Paul Williams out of Indiana with is giant V/8 logo that was an integral part of the display.
The floor was to be a giant representation of the Brickyard at indy .... era 1957 or 58.I designed corner pieces that then held illustrations of the car.
I was very very lucky to work with along side with so many talented people,..and with out there help,.... none of this could have been accomplished.
I was stunned at the teams effort and must say impressed with the quality of the build itself. 2 young guns..Ryan and Derrick(sorry guys,I forgot your last names!) work for East Coast Custom and I must say.. the future remains bright with talented young men such as these.

I also just want to state...The whole deal could not have been possible with the direct coordination of Lisa Simard.....I swear to god she has Superhuman strength to endure this massive Task!
And my good buddy Chuck Vranas who brought me into this project and lent his talents to the Flyer project

It was my First time to the GNRS...and I will post about that soon.....

The Stuff......

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