Thursday, January 12, 2012

Killer A truck....

I love this A truck.....killer.
thats all.


ScooterMcRad said...

Yep! I love it! I pass it sometimes on the highway. The dude is like 6'-3" or something too! Amazing he can fit in it. Been driving it for years, I guess. I would love to build something channeled with fenders like that.

Jeff Norwell said...

Yes Scoot.the man name is Dale Kersch.I spoke to him...gee...15 years ago when there was a small article in SRM.
You gotta see his collection.
He is a sign painter by trade and a very tall guy.He built the truck for his dad who was going thru cancer.A tribute I think.
Anyhow.... to's perfect.
thanks buddy!