Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sad New-Canada loses a Hotrod Icon

Very Sad News... my buddy Mike Siewert lost his dad just recently,Don Siewart.
Don was a very active hot rod,Custom and race gearhead.A wonderful family man and known by many around the world, his infectious grin would make you an instant pal.
I never made it out to the salt to meet Don or even a visit to meet him and all the Siewerts. But Thru Mike his Son...(and everyone else's talk about Don).... he was very much loved and admired man in our circles.

God Bless ya Don.....


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Mike@TheBandTruck said...

Thank You Jeff.

We have the official celebration tomorrow, I'm driving his hiboy over. It's kind of like getting ready for the salt, I've been adding weight for traction, cause it's -25 and snowing here.