Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another "Nose Up..Ass Down Project continues....

My good Pal Tripple G has just made more progress on his 57 300 Gasser.....
The car was ruff to begin with,.. but all was handled extremely well in the competent hands of Mr Rob Purcell.
Rob is a fab man with so much talent coming out the whaaazoo! Rob did much metal work and surgery   to the Old girl....Complete inner structure repair,new trunk are and floors.He also did a face lift and did some killer radiused rear wheel wells with beautiful lips to crown them.Check the front end out....he discarded the front pan ,shortened and sectioned the front bumper....a much much cleaner look.
Anyhow...a BB Ford was thrown into the mix, along with other goodies as well.
Tripple G took the car to the paint shop and after a while waiting... the car has just been sprayed in Gold.
the whole color theme will be a combo Gold/black mix.

This old warrior will be Running soon.

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