Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Diamond History.

I must admit...I am Totally fascinated by the past History of Hot rods and Customs.... well..let me back that up... the history of ownership and the changes that were made to vehicles thru out the years.
The whole topic is so interesting.
My present build(32 five window)..really has no history......well none I can find....just one beat up 32 Ford.
But my truck is a different story....  about 4-5 different owners thru-out its Hot Rod years.....Many changes.and many looks......
One of the pics below is the day I bought it at Waterdown swap meet....I think it was 89 or 90.The man who is seated is Don Drywood form the lake Erie area....Port Rowan I think.Don was a very nice man... but now is suffering form the late stages of Alzhiemers.
Very sad.

Here is where is all began and some pics of where it was.
If ANYONE out there has pics or HISTORY... Please call me.
I actually found the man who originally chopped the roof and I talked to him at length.I asked how the slight curve on the roof was done and if he could remember.....

His gruff response.........

"Over a F***ing log!"

ha ha ..classic.

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Trent said...

Fleet Freighter.... Helps explain the "Truck Driver" thing you have about you Jeff! ha ha.... Very Very cool post, I may even have that issue, I need to go searching! I love the history of hotods as much as you do brother... Now find more and share!

Trent S