Monday, October 15, 2012

Tramp Designs~~~Tramp Warner~~~The Multi-Task King!

Ya's funny how life is.... when you meet a Giant in your industry..... you can get first Awestruck.. then humbled.
Tramp Warner is one of these fellows.
When I was younger..I heard rumours of the Great Tramp..... but never met up with him.I finally did meet Tramp years ago and realized I was in the shadow of a giant.
Tramp is one of those individuals that you meet that can have a solution for any creative or graphic project.
I think Tramp is the original"No Fear" guy.
His work is stunning,beautiful and you soon realize you are in front of a lettering Master.He can swing a quill or Sword Brush better than Errol Flynn.
He can draw and paint like a S.O.B as well......

Tramps Legendary status is well known throughout the Trucking,Pinstriping and Lettering world.
The funny thing is...... we live about 20 minutes apart....and never get to see each other.
I take great solace in that I have a fellow craftsman chained to his studio.......just like myself.

When I grow up...I wanna be just like Tramp Warner........

Check it.........