Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old Rides

I found some old shots of a coupla various cars I have owned...looking back and remembering good times and some nightmare experiences of these.... the 34 was a very good ride....a cheep build and super reliable.
Suckerbait took me everywhere with almost nil problems.Not a super traditional car..but very reliable...I last saw the 34 in BG Kentucky at the Drag races...still hard charging and holding well for its age.
The hemi A on the other hand was a Black Mariah.... It was a original trade on the 34 and I sure got suckerpunched.
It was where I learned to destest 39 trannys and shitty 97 carbs.
That car was pretty.... but was hexed. Some cars are just that way,... she hated me.
It drove and rode beautiful... but after puring more dollars into a band-aid....I realized a full blow out was needed and I had my truck on the move.
Building another car was out of the question.
But hey... that's life.

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