Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time Marches On.....

Years Ago... I guess 93 or 94... I got out the airbrush and flamed the Club's mail box...did it just for a laff....never thought about it since.I have not been a member for about 6-7 years.. life goes on.
I ran across these shots and made me ponder.
The custom blends have long since faded,the candy blue is peeling..and the old mail box has seen better days.
Time indeed marches on.


DaveT said...

I just realized I know nothing about the man behind this blog.

Are you from the Toronto area as well?

I was at the Corn Roast this year and totally missed the mailbox.

church said...

I think the fact that it's REAL wear and tear is what makes it cool.

Jeff Norwell said...

DaveT/..We used to live inToronto...I escaped 7 years ago. ha ha ha

Coby... Yea..the fake patina is neat on a CANVASS...but not my ride... You gotta come here to visit Palookaville one day my friend....Your welcome here with open arms!

DaveT said...

That's cool, technically I am from Mississauga.

Work downtown though... couldn't live there many people who hate cars.

Love the blog

Jeff Norwell said...

We moved out just due to the space and crowding issue. Downtown T.O was just not a good fit for my love of the automobile.I do miss it though.
Thanks for the kind words.