Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twas the Night before Christmas....

............the day at the track,All racers were ready,for the black top attack.
The Valves were all adjusted in the Rocket with care.
The Flag man was ready to make sure all was fair.
Santa was nestled in his new Fireproof Deist Suit,
Ready to grab the Top Eliminators Low E.T. loot.
When the Rocket was fired,there arose such a clatter,
The local Constabulary rushed in to see what was the matter.
Away to gates I flew like a flash,
Tore open my wallet and handed over the cash.

With a Little old driver,so lively and Quick,
I knew in a moment it was bad ass St. Nick.
As he whistled and shouted,he hit the Olds Switch,
And fired the monster with out any hitch!

As he turned his head and gave me the wink,
he Scorched the pavement reminiscent of Rat Fink.
Flames and smoke and lots of Nitro Fire,
He punched that Olds Rocket, as the tach climbed higher.

He lined up against some yellow old Altered,
Hit the go Pedal and never did Falter.
As the 6-71 began a high pitch whine,
I knew in an instant all would be fine.
He hit the quarter and raced thru the traps,
His competitor fell over and began to lapse.

With a wink of an eye and nod of his chin,
Ol St. Nick and his rocket, came in for the win.
As he grabbed the prize winnings and gathered his loot,
I then realized that this Old Elf was one cool Coot.

He gathered his team and drove out of site.
I heard him exclaim....
"Merry Christmas to all!,.. Let's race tomorrow night!"

Apologies to Clement Moore.


Eric J. said...

Love this !!! Very Rockwell-esque.

Jeff Norwell said...

Ho Ho Ho!