Friday, December 30, 2011

Hard Candy

Here is a project nearing completion.... a very nice cut model 40 stuffed with a early Hemispherical.
The project was brought to the Candy Factory sort of half done and wrong from another builder.We all know the story.Using what the customer had and finishing off the is nearly complete.
Many mistakes were made by the previous builder and all has been rectified at the Candy Shoppe.
I am quite sure the Customer shall have a perma Grin this coming summer,rowing thru the 4 speed gears and putting the big Chrysler thru the paces.
Updates on the final finish soon.

3 comments: said...

LOVE IT! That looks awesome!

Jeff Norwell said...

Makes me drool to RoyBoy!

Danno said...

Looks hot (yet cool at the same time). Love the silver with that hint of cool blue coming off the wheels. But that trunk needs a killer pinstripe design. I may be biased though.