Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One bad Bugg...it's the Super Fly!

It's no secret....I have been bitten...bitten very badly... and it started with a FLY Bite.....
No.not some pesky insect... but the Drag racing Bug....
I always liked drag racing... but it seemed so far away.....a Rich mann sport nowadays.
Just like FI,Nascar or Dirt track stuff.
But I met a fella years ago that changed all that. Chris LaGrange.
Yep... Chris owns and drives the "Drag N Fly"... an early Model A Sedan that is a real throwback to the Glory days of Quarter mile haul'in.Yea guys... REAL DRAG RACING.
No big dollar,500 K passes here.A real family deal.Chris's Dad is a team mate and has been a Drag Racer for a heck of a long time.
Powered by a period perfect Sbc injected chevy....this thing really does fly!I believe the great Dan Barnett lettered the car.
When I first met Chris...., we talked a lot about his drag car.I was hooked.
Chris is an avid hotrodder as well...all kinds of great stuff....
I have not seen Chris in a while but do speak occasionally thru email and he is doing well.A devoted family man and Hard working joe.. he hails out of Slackerville Oklahoma.(I think it's Palookaville's Twin city.... but I ain't positive.)
If you have seen this car in person... you know what i am talking about.I need to see the car make a pass at the Hamb Drags and I hope to see this soon. Chris and his wife Kim, are good folks.I met them thru my good friend Bob Owens.I was even made an honorary member of the Oklahoma Eliminators!

Check out da Fly!

The world needs more Chris LaGranges.


Terry Denomme said...

Crazy...the rear wheels are even off the ground in one shot that is Super Fly man

Root said...

Thanks for the write up Jeff. It's a real treat to be friends with you.


Bushwacker said...

wow, this was very cool, Drag and fly this was really awesome race.

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Jeff Norwell said...

Terry/...yea.this car has it all!One of my all time favorites.

Root/ Meant every word brother....Hope to see you in the spring!

Bushwacker/... yes.this Lil A is Killer!