Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yea Paul..... It makes me smile too.....

My Buddy Paul Dunbar is a special guy.... he has the golden touch on all his projects and seems to have fun at anything he does.
Hot Rodder and Drag Racer... he is another one who has made a mark on me in the drag world.
The Candy Man and I went to see Paul a few weeks back to see his latest project...(more on that later)
As we were standing talking and bench racing in his shop..I noticed the background noise.....now most guys will have a pile of there favorite tunes drifting softly as they work in the shop or when guest arrive to have a cool,cold one.
But, this was different.
Paul recorded a few of those old Drag sound LP's from the early 60's and threw them together on a few CD's.... Magnificent!!!!!!!!!
For the last 3 weeks...when I am out to the shop, I flip the switch and listen for 2 hours to the great music of Fuelers,stockers, Gassers and Alterds as background Music.

Beethoven can't hold a candle to these kats.....

Scooby doo Whaaaaaaaa..........


Danno said...

It wouldn't be a 1970 Vega that's the latest project would it? I sent you an email with a pic of the car just after I lettered it. Paul is awesome.

Jeff Norwell said...

Yes Danno... I am gonna do a post on the Vega soon!
Paul is one of the good guys!

Anonymous said...

Come to visit Dal, and I'll take you to hang out with my Brother's team with the Nostalgia Fuel F/C, so you can hear it "LIVE"!