Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot Austin Nights.... With a Lawyer.

The locals seem to have fun... and even on a casual night.....the crew gets out to their finest eatery for a little swine and mead.
But you must have protection.... a lawyer at the very least,is key.
My pal Blake is one of the finest southern fried Lawyers....always with his Handy Dandy Camera to catch the scene.
And a few weeks back... he caught some late night action and presented the evidence.
Blake is not a Lawyer.... just a hard core Gearhead and a great fella.
He can handle a Camera better than Della Reese can shorthand. Keep a keen eye out for this fine shooter.... I predict great things to come.
Last I heard.. he kicked Perry Mason's ass and cleared the courtroom.

Here comes da Judge.......


Blake said...

I was gonna crack wise about being a lawyer who couldn't pass a bar... instead, I'll just say thanks.

Jeff Norwell said...

I need spell check......fixed!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Great pics Blake. David is a goof, but the Austin Mangler looks nice and shiny. Hi Jeff! :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous would be me, Laura. ;)

Jeff Norwell said...

hahahahaha Hi Laura