Monday, March 19, 2012

Slice n Dice D.A.D.

The bottom rounded reveals on D.A.D.s rounded rear corner were a bit worse for wear...... most would take the Ole Cheese bucket and lather on the cream........ no F**king way pal..... D.A.D. deserves nice rounded rears...... no cottage cheese!
As you can see the rear corners were rotted to the core.... out they came and Candy man made a new set.If ya can find a repo will set ya back arounf 300-400 bucks...... naw....... no thanks.
King Kandy whip a set up with his extraordinary talent and buzzed anew set on in place in no time.

The very bottom pic is Kandy Kreme pointing out to the faithful viewers that he hammered and dollied the body line lip out a full 3/4 of an inch..... D.A.D has been denty and is finding salvation at the Candy's Hot Rod Supply!

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