Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ding!Ding!.. Knocking at D.A.D.s Door...

The doors are skinned alive.....More surprises were found.....But taken car of in short order.
The Kandy Man is a master!!!!!!

Words from Neil his self!----
"The door bottoms have to be split in the center, as I have the center of the door too far away from the sub-rail/rocker panel, as the roadster sub-rails are a little straighter than the 5 window.  I am going to work on the door bottoms and pull the sub-rail out to the door bottom a little more as I think they look too straight and pull the center of the door in towards the rocker.
I have the hinge pins removed, one of which I had to use alot of heat to remove the pin, however; this was one of the jobs I was dreading, but it turned out good !  It was a real bitch actually...."

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More to come......

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