Saturday, April 7, 2012

D.A.D.'s Dashing Dash.

My pal Titus and I were talking the other night...(talking hotrods and our professed love of all things Speed and Custom) and I mentioned  I wanted to use a cherry 41 Ford Dash in the 32 5 window.
I LOVE the 41 Ford Dash... everyone wants a 40.... the 41 is a much cleaner design is understated in such a beautiful way.The cluster still retains a severe Art deco layout.
Anyhow..I want to keep as much of the dash as possible,retain the true essentials and get the sonofabitch to fit!
The plan is to use a 41 Ford Dash and Colunm drop,40 Ford steering wheel,40 Ford Truck steering column in combination with a Schroader steering box and side steer.

Titus came up with a very good and clean solution.

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