Monday, April 23, 2012

3-2-1-....Blast off!

Yep......been working on this super top secret Project for 8 months.....just wrapping up the finals and putting a pretty bow on it.
i have been working with John Mearns(Acme speed shop) Ryan C.(Atomic Industry and Internet guru and big Daddy) have put a very nice print version together of the Jalopy Journal.
If you do not know of the Jalopy Journal.....Please slide under the nearest rock.....
This has been a labour of love....... it shall debut June 23rd of this year 2012.
I must will be most delighted and is limited in its production.

it's gonna kick ass.


Church said...

Looking forward to it. Dare I hop on a plane and head to Austin?

Jeff Norwell said...

That would be affirmitive........yes.... yes..yes.

I sure wish I could get my ride down there....but there is just no way....paying for the airfare is costly enuff