Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Lone Star Round Up...... KICKED ASS!!!!!

..... and how!
This year was again a stunning killer time.
First off... let me thank the Kontinentals.The Austin Based car Club Responsible for the Round Up.
This show is clearly head and shoulders above any other show.
the right cars,venue, people and deep Southern Hospitality.Many thanks to my pals..Flat Top Bob Owens,Candy Man,Elvis,Linda Owens,Jan,Gary,John and Rose Marie.
Ben D,John Mearns,Banker Bill,Cliffy and Ryan.Reggie,Norm,Brian and Will........
So many friends....... I am just scratching the surface.

The cars,were outstanding..... the music was incredible(Wanda Jackson!!!!) and the folks made the scene!

Simply the best damn show out there.

All photos are property of myself and the talented Cory Taulbert


Church said...

arrrggghhhhh..... I suck for not being there!!! But family was in town, what's a brother to do? said...

Great to meet you finally Jeff and thanks for your kind words, I cannot express how much it means to me! And yes Church you should have been there, it was great to meet you there last year.

Jeff Norwell said...

Yes Church..I should have been there! Coby you were very much missed!
Travis... super nice to meet you... just wished it was longer..... Keep shooting.. your work is wunnerful!!!!


Jeff Norwell said...

And Coby...I owe you a phone call
it will be very soon!


Slick said...

Doom, despair, and agony on me..... Really missed hangin' with ya'll. If there is a next year, we'll be there

steve lanier said...

Jeff really good to see ya man it had been way too long. I got you a little something coming your way. Talk to you soon!