Monday, May 12, 2008

Ray Smith

My Pal Ray"El Vago" Smith is a pinstriper from waaay back.
I met Ray a few years back and when I saw this old pic from the Detroit Autorama a few years back,I had to share.
A giant of sheer talent.I can't strip worth doo doo,I still don't know why they ask me to come.... but hanging around with fellas, like Ray and the other guys and girls....Well provides much needed stimuli for further artistic adventures.
And he is another mentor for me. Ray WAS there and his stories are colorful and vivid.Ray ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and I miss seeing him.
I hope this year for the upcoming 2009 Autorama he will be there.
I think what Ray was saying to me in this photo was...."Make it a female Monster,..... with BIG Knockers!!!"...... heh,heh,

Oh Ray, you crack me up.


leif said...

Hey buddy;

good to see yer blog's up and hummin' - I'll be checking in regularly now that I know where to find you!

Jeff Norwell said...

Thanks Buddy.....I am sorta getting the hang of this.....your influence has helped greatly!