Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Larry Fulton....Carburetor Guru

I like things well done..... and this kat does just that.Larry Fulton,owner/operator of
..........My relationship with Larry goes back a few years and his quality and workmanship speaks for itself.So when I began to talk to Larry about my next baby hemi project and my needs for a certain induction system.He was the man.
Larry rose to the occasion and my needs were taken care of......10 fold!
I had a old Edmunds 2x2 intake... which in itself was in need of repair.I know purists will argue that I needed Stromberg 97's to fill the gap,but I disagree.... Rochesters are a much better functioning unit.I wanna drive this baby.
So with that in mind,Larry took care of Business..... and the end results are nothing short of brilliant.
If your in need of a tri-power or ANY multiple induction set up... give Larry a ring...
...he will set ya right.
Check him out at......


Louis said...

Good looking induction, and obviously a great source for rehabbed carburation.

What sort of Rochesters are those? They look a lot like the single throat job on my Chevy six in row, but maybe sans choke.

BTW: Your art work is so cool it scares me. I recently found it via your postings on the HAMB, but I've also seen it in Rod & Custom over the years. Timeless stuff. Someday, when we keep some money around afterwards, I want to get some slick stuff done for this reunion.

Keep crafting righteous illustrations. I'll be waiting for the shirt store to open soon.


Jeff Norwell said...

Thanks Louis!
Those are just reworked 2cg's....Larry does them and thats his speciality.
Thanks for the kind words Louise..... it really means alot.
Stay tuned for more R&C stuff..I got a buch coming.