Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Candys Hot Rod Supply.....The Candy Man

Remember your folks saying"Don't accept Candy from Strangers".....

Well....I always listened to them until I met this gentleman... Neil Candy.
I consider Neil to be one of the finest upstanding Hot Rodders around,(And a helluva a great friend!)... so much so.... he in my mind, is my savior on the Diamond Deuce.(More on that later.)

First off,....  he runs a great little Speed shop just outside Kingston Ontario.... and fills the gap for anybody who has the need for Speed.
Candys Hot Rod Supply.
Neil also practices what he preaches.....he has built quite a few Traditional cars and now runs the Drag car"Mother's Worry" The car is named not for some coined Rothian phrase.... but rather for a tribute to his mom. The other influence on his A drag car was the Orange Crate. If ya don't know that piece of fine history.....pack up,go home and beat it.
This car is a true throwback to the real days of quarter mile brawl'in, Gear grinding,high whinding,rubber burning monsters.
A tuff, no bullshit,hold on and shut up drag car.
He also has a Blown 409 32 5 winda.An interesting note here, there were no 409 blower plates available on the market when Mr. Candy set out to build his W monster motor.So, like any respectable innovative young man.... he designed and got one made,no small feat .....and not too shabby either!
I guess Neil and I hit it off real fast due to we speak the same lingo....pure gearhead in the traditional sense.

We recently travelled to the Lone Star Round up and had a blast.I converted him to it..... he is hauling the 5 winda next year.I may even get him to wear a Stetson.

... And yea.... he drives them.....HARD.

Hard Candy..I like that.

Candys Hot Rod Supply   613 353 7572


matt labutte said...

Great, that's all I need is another blog to read everyday...

...but I'll look forward to it! you're off to a great start Jeff. This is some real tasty stuff.


Jeff Norwell said...

Thanks Matt!